Episode 12: Hacking Education: crowd sourcing for the win!

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On episode 12, we discuss competitions for developers and data scientists. We cover the Hacking Education challenge currently underway at DonorsChoose.org, and we learn more about the broader ecosystem of data science competitions.

Want to take things a step further and hack your brain. You can start by looking into nootropics. One of the most popular nootropics is noopept. Everything you need to know about noopept can be found hereRead a detailed users experience and review of noopept here. If you're not convinced by that review, here is another noopept review.

On today’s show our crew of hosts includes:

  • Katy Huff
  • Geraldine Van der Auwera (moderator)
  • Oliver Hurst-Hiller (special guest)
  • Anthony Goldbloom (special guest)

As you can see, we have two special guests! Oliver Hurst-Hiller is the chief technical officer and executive vice-president for product at DonorsChoose.org, an online charity connecting donors to classrooms in need in the USA, and Anthony Goldbloom is the founder and CEO of commercial crowd sourcing data science platform Kaggle.

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Episode 22: Public Access to Federally Funded Research

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On episode 22, we discuss the response to two Request for
Information (RFI) that the US Office of Science and Technology Policy has
posted in order to gather feedback on how to improve Public Access to the
Data and Peer-Reviewed publications resulting from Federally Funded Research.

On today’s show our crew of hosts includes:

  • Alan Ruttemberg (special guest)
  • Cameron Neylon (special guest)
  • Marcus Hanwell
  • Luis Ibanez (moderator)

This week we have two special guests.

Alan Ruttenberg is Director of Clinical and Translational Data Exchange at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Until recently he was Principal Scientist at Creative Commons, working on the Science Commons, where he developed the Neurocommons, a large scale Semantic Web knowledge base of biological information. He co-chaired the (Web Ontology Language) OWL Working Group, and is a coordinating editor of the (Open Biological and Biomedical Ontologies) OBO Foundry, helping coordinate efforts to enable web scale data integration across the whole of biomedical science.

Cameron Neylon is a biophysicist and well known advocate of opening up the process of research. He is a co-author of the Panton Principles for open data in science, Founding Editor in Chief of Open Research Computation as well as being an academic editor for PLoS ONE. He was named as a SPARC Innovator in July 2010 and is a proud recipient of the Blue Obelisk for contributions to open data. He writes regularly at his blog, Science in the Open(http://cameronneylon.net).

Marcus Hanwell is a R&D Engineer at Kitware, where he leads the Open Chemistry project. He is involved in the development of open source, cross platform scientific visualization and analysis software. Marcus is a strong believer in open science, open data and open source and proud member of Blue Obelisk. He works on Avogadro, Titan, VTK, ParaView, CMake, KDE and several other large open source projects.

Luis Ibanez is a Technical Leader at Kitware, where he is one of the main developers of the Insight Toolkit (ITK), and the Science Director of the Open Source EHR (OSEHRA). Luis is a strong supporter of Open Source and Open Access. He teaches an Open Source Software Practices class at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) since 2007.

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Episode 27: Ladies Who Learn And Code

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On episode 27, the henspeckles were flying. In April, we had a very lively chat with some very inspiring women in computing and computing education. This episode discusses the importance of educational organizations like the ones that these ladies are leading, addresses some challenges and opportunities for women in computing, and delves a bit into how these excellent women came to embrace programming.

On today’s show our crew of guests includes:

  • Sumana Harihareswara (Wikimedia, GeekFeminism, the Ada Initiative, etc.)
  • Jessica McKellar (Boston Python Users Group)
  • Heather Payne (Ladies Learning Code)
  • Geraldine Van Der Auwera(moderator)
  • Katy Huff (moderator)

This episode was an especially energetic and broad discussion that touched on a number of  important topics having to do with techniques for computing education, ladies in computing, inspiring our peers, and nurturing diversity in general. It was fantastic to have such a free flowing discussion and we hope that it’s as fun to listen to as it was to participate in.

Intro/Outro Music: ‘I’m a Lady’ – Santigold

Episode 6: Cython

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Bootstrap yourself in and prepare for episode 6! This week we discuss the Cython project and some of the impressive things you can do with this ever-more essential language. The skinny is that code written in Cython can be compiled to C, which in turn can be compiled by your favorite C compiler. Cython’s syntax is very similar to Python, but gives you the full power of C and the CPython interpreter. Oh, and you can use it for C++ and Fortran as well!

Welcome to a brave new world.

Today’s cyborgs include:

  • Chris Colbert (special guest)
  • Jason McCampbell
  • Anthony Scopatz (moderator)
  • Kurt Smith

This week Chris Colbert joins us from Enthought where he is a scientific software developer with a background in mechanical engineering, robotics, and computer vision. He feels that Python + Cython provides one of the most formidable computing platforms available today; striking a superb balance between performance, library support, and developer productivity.

Additionally, this episode marks the point were all of our regular panelists have now been on the show at least once!

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