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A Note on Replication

July 22, 2012 by


SciPy 2012 Postview: The following is a section taken from my SciPy 2012 proceeding from the conference last week.   You can see the paper at github.  This post is a follow up to the “Why Reproducibility is Important” post.  I hope to do a recap of the conference itself next week!  (NOTE: flmake is a specific CLI utility for workflow management in the […]

Why Reproducibility is Important

July 13, 2012 by


SciPy 2012 Preview: The following is a section taken from my SciPy 2012 proceeding for the conference next week.   You can see a preview of the paper at github.  I hope to see you at the conference (and my talk)! True to its part of speech, much of ‘scientific computing’ has the trappings of science […]

Episode 28: R We Not Statisticians?

July 6, 2012 by


Listen to the podcast On episode 28, we finally get around to tackling R, a language for statistical computing.  R has a storied history as an LGPL code related to the S language which came out of Bell labs which itself was influenced by Scheme.  R is the go-to tool for many statisticians, analysts, and data scientists.   […]


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